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VENUS 2 Women’s Touring Boots


When designing the VENUS 2 boots, FALCO implemented the ladies specific construction into the offered women’s touring boots. VENUS 2 is a medium height touring or commuting boot, with a fit and design specific for female riders.


It’s quick and easy to put on or remove thanks to the zip closure system. The elastic insert makes the boot additionally very comfortable and flexible to wear everyday. For even more protection you’ll find reinforcements to the ankle, heel and toe.


In motorcycling (like fashion), Italian boots are pretty much the ones to have, and FALCO’s women boots are no exception. Comfort, performance & protection, FALCO women touring boots offer everything a female biker needs.



  • 35 (US 5), 36 (US 6), 37 (US 6.5), 38 (US 7.5), 39 (US 8.5), 40 (US 9), 41 (US 10)

Producer: FALCO
Colors: Black
MSRP: $149.95 US

VENUS 2 Women’s Touring Boots

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