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Product ID:  STAR
Category:  Mens
Price:  $959.00


Racing replica jacket What can we say about the most recognized and imitated jacket in the world? It alone is responsible for the greatest fashion shift in outerwear in a century. Imitations and poseur styles have sprung up from everywhere but this is the original and this is where it all began. The story is simple: Vanson made this style as a road racing suit in the 1970’s and it was in our museum. Some one asked if we could make a “street” version and we did. The rest is history. You can own a piece of history with the Vanson Star Jacket.
  • Competition weight cowhide
  • 2 Inside lining wallet pockets
  • Brass zippers
  • Zip close sleeves
  • Rayon lining
  • Leather wind flap with license pocket


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