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Softail Frame by Exile Cycles - You may order just the frame or call us to order if you have additonal specifications (239) 400-1289 


901000 Softail frame (up to 250) with swing-arm, bearings, stainless rock-guard, Cro-moly rear axle and pivot axle with stainless end-covers 


Softail-style frame can accommodate up to a 250 rear tire. Frame comes with swing-arm, swing-arm bearings, pivot axle with stainless end-covers, stainless rock guard, and a Cro-moly rear axle with stainless end-covers.

All our frames are fabricated to our specifications by Daytec - the best in the industry. Each frame is built to order, allowing you to select the exact rake, stretch and bracketry you require. The welds are beautiful and the finish impeccable. These frames scream quality.


Each frame is made to order and you may choose any neck rake angle at no extra charge.


Frames are normally supplied with a “Pro-street” style neck, but if you are using a Springer front end or stock HD triple trees, then you should request a stock-style neck. With a stock-style neck the front legs join the neck at the top of the neck tube, with a Pro-street they join at the bottom.


Flat-side gas-tank mounts, regulator mount (strap across the front-legs of the frame) and coil mounts (threaded bungs on center-post of frame) are all available on request.


Softail frames can be ordered with or without passenger peg holes.

Our frames have a ½” offset built in to the motor and transmission plate mounts.


You may need an offset transmission plate to further offset the transmission, but the amount of offset will depend on your rear wheel size and final drive. We typically use a 3/4” offset transmission plate in conjunction with a 3/4” offset transmission sprocket so the chain will clear the 230 tire we use on our bikes.


  • Frames can be ordered with a wiring tube in center post and/or top tube Add $75
  • Top tube stretch available up to 5” Add $200
  • Top tube stretch over 5” Add $400
  •  Front leg stretch up to 4” Add $200
  • Front leg stretch 4” to 10” (frame will have a tubular-style top motor mount) Add $400
  • CTP Custom transmission plate (offsets available ½”, ¾”, 1”, 13/16”, 1¼”) Add $75


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