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SHIRO Riding Sneakers


FALCO designed a motorcycle sneaker style boot which is built for summer and is also stylish and comfortable. SHIRO riding sneakers offer optimum safety and support without compromising on aesthetics.


The SHIRO looks a lot like trendy high-top sneaker, but underneath the design it features toe and heel reinforcements together with D30 ankle cups.  The oil-proof total-grip soles helps to maintain optimal control of the bike. The boots are made from water repellent full-grain oil treated leather and denim-tex upper. To ensure the best fit, the SHIRO shoes have double closure with laces and zipper.


We surely recommend the Italian made SHIRO boots for commuting, heading out to meet friends and summer cruising.  Even if there is a chance of rain – the High-Tex water resistant membrane will keep your feet dry.



  • 42 (US 8), 43 (US 9), 44 (US 10), 45 (US 11), 46 (US 12), 47 (US 13)

Producer: FALCO
Colors: Black, Brown
MSRP: $129.95 US

SHIRO Riding Sneakers

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