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RX-2 GP Style Multifunction

The RX-2 GP Style Multifunction is probably one of our best seller. Its unique color changeable backlight makes it a very popular instrument. The illuminated needle with LED pointer makes the RX-2 a very easy meter to read even at night. This instrument features many different functions such as speed, odometer, tripmeter, RPM, shift light, temperature, indicator lights and many other cool functions. Set yourself apart with the RX-2!

Speed unitkm/h or MPH
Speedometer range0~360 km/h or 0~223 MPH
Odometer0~99999.9 km or mile
Trip A / Trip B0~999.9 km or mile
Speeding warning setting range30~180 km/h or 20~110 MPH
Adjust unit : 5 km/h or 5 MPH
Top speed record0~360 km/h or 0~223 MPH
Tire circumference setting1,000~2,500 m/m
Adjust unit : 1m/m
Sensor point: 1~6
Tachometer range0~15,000
Display unit : 100 RPM
Max RPM record0~15,000 RPM
Stroke / piston setting
  • 2 stroke : 1, 2, 3, 4, pistons
  • 4 stroke :
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 pistons
Temperature unitº C  or º F
Digital water temperature range0~120ºC or 32~248ºF
Display unit : 0.1ºC or 0.1ºF
Temperature level gauge display range20~120ºC or 68~248ºF
Display in 10 level
Display unit : 1 level =10ºC or 50ºF
Digital oil temperature range0~120ºC or 32~248ºF
Display unit : 0.1ºC or 0.1ºF
Over temperature warning setting (water & oil)60~120ºC or 140~248ºF
Adjust unit : 1ºC or 1ºF
Top temperature record0~120ºC or 32~248ºF
Fuel gaugeDisplay in 10 levels (one level means 10% fuel)
Fuel resistance setting100 Ω • 510 Ω
Insufficient fuel warning setting10 ~ 50%
Adjust unit : 10%
Target speed timer30~360 km/h or 20~220 MPH
Adjust unit : 5km/h or 5 MPH
Target distance timer50~1,000 m or 1/32~20/32 mile
Adjust unit : 50 m or 1/32 mile
Top speed timerThe record including :


Speed : 0~360 km/h or 0~223 MPH

Distance : 0~999 m or 0~3,280 feet

RPM : 0~15,000 RPM

Timer : 0~59.59.99 second

Indicator light
  • Neutral (Green)
  • High beam (Blue)
  • Oil (Red)
  • RPM Shift (Light Yellow / Red)
  • Speeding (Red)
  • Turn Signal (Green)
  • Check engine (Amber)

RX-2 GP Style Multifunction

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