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VT No: 35-9311 

Pingel chrome metric smooth petcock features a 22mm inlet with right spigot and adapter nut. 

Pingel metric smooth petcock includes metric nut utilizing right and left hand thread, so once installed adapter nut can be loosened, valve put in the desired position and nut retightened. No need to use telfon tapes meaning less chance of leakage. Designs are made for a seated position on the motorcycle with the hose outlet facing a direction to ease fuel line hookup. 

FL 1975-1984
FX 1975-1984
FXST 1984-1994
FLST 1986-1994
XL 1975-1995
FXR 1982-1994
FXD 1991-1994 
UOM: 1 - EA 

Pingel Metric Smooth Petcock Right Spigot with Nut Chrome

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