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City streets, back streets, any street will be happier with a 400 Watt Urban Spirit Electric Skateboard on it. Meant to go fast, you control the speed, up to 14 miles per hour, with the three speed hand held remote control. Constructed of the best maple deck, ABS anti-lock brakes, alkaline battery and a powerful 400 Watt motor this board will fly anywhere you ride it. Great board for 12 and up.


Suggested max weight is 150 pounds for peak performance but if you are tipping in a little heavier that is not problem. You just won’t get to go quite as fast or far but don’t shy away from riding this one. Battery 2*7 Ah, 24 v Battery Life 8-10 km / 5-7 mi* Engine Power 400 W Max Speed 22 kph / 14 mph* Brake System Abs Type Safety Leash Magnetic Wireless Remote Control 3 Positions Switch (Beginner-Medium-Expert) Max Weight 70 kg / 155 lb Length 100 cm / 39 in Skateboard Weight 15 kg / 33 lb Wheels 10.7 cm / 4.3 in Drive Belt


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