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Longboard Cruising The Maverix Cruiser is a street riding electric long board. Make a boarding lifestyle change with this jolt of electric. It has 600 Watts of engine power so you can skate up to 16 miles per hour. Deck construction of quality maple, steel & aluminum trucks, a powerful motor, ABS anti-lock brakes, not to mention a great look, this is a great board if street is your game.


This is a big board, suggested age is 14 and up with a weight limited for peak performance riding at 250 pounds. You can ride if you are a heavier weight but you just won’t go quite as fast or get the full distance out of a charge but you can ride.


This board comes with front and back lights for riding from dawn to dusk and then some! Battery 3*10 Ah, 36 v Battery Life 12-15 km / 7-9 mi* Engine Power 600 W Max Speed 25 kph / 16 mph* Brake System Abs Type Safety Leash Magnetic Wireless Remote Controll 3 Positions Switch (Beginner-Medium-Expert) Max Weight 120 kg / 264 lb Length 116 cm / 46 in Skateboard Weight 20 kg / 44 lb Wheels 10.5 cm / 4 in Drive Belt DEVELOPED BY SRP © 2015