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ESO LX 2.1 Racing Boots

Designed in Italy, FALCO’s ESO LX  2.1 racing boots include a Micro-Synth upper, Air-Tech vented lining and Alu-Zinc replaceable toe sliders. Moreover, the dual density racing rubber sole provides reinforced arch support. For even more safety you’ll find D3O impact protection ankle cups.


What makes surely this boot perfect for track days and road racing is its unique Eso-Motion articulation with rear-button unlocking system.


In motorcycling, Italian boots are pretty much the ones to have, and FALCO racing boots are no exception. These stylish, protective, and comfortable motorcycle boots are the ones to get for every serious sport rider.


42 (US 8), 43 (US 9), 44 (US 10), 45 (US 11), 46 (US 12), 47 (US 13)
Producer: FALCO
Colors: Black, White
MSRP: $229.95 US

ESO LX 2.1 Racing Boots

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