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DB-03R Multifunction Plug & Play for Honda GROM®


This plug & play DB-03R Multifunction is the perfect addition for your Honda GROM®. Its changeable blue, orange or purple backlight makes it very easy to read at night even at high speed. The integrated indicator lights provide all the necessary information for any street use. The RPM scale is perfect for the Honda GROM® engine. This instrument also features a gear indicator and shift light which will allow you to shift in the perfect gear. Beside those great functions, the DB‑03R Multifunction Plug & Play for Honda GROM® also features: speed, odometer, trip meter, RPM, temperature, volt, fuel level and a lot more ! Using the OEM sensors, this meter is very easy to install.

*Only fits Honda GROM® 2014 to 2016*

SpeedometerDisplay range: 0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
Display unit: km/h or MPH
Display internal<0.5 second
OdometerDisplay range: 0~99999 km (mile), reset automatically after 99999 km
Setting unit : 100 RPM
Trip meter A/BDisplay range: 0~999.9 km (mile), reset automatically after 999.9 km (mile).
Display unit: 0.1 km (mile).
Total hour meterDisplay range: 0~99999 H.
Display unit: 1 H.
Hour meter A.BDisplay range: 0.0~999.9 H.
Display unit: 0.1 H.
Tire circumferenceSetting range: 300~2,500 mm
Setting unit: 1 mm, Sensor point: 1~20
TachometerDisplay range: 0~10,000 / 0~12,000 / 0~15,000 RPM.
Display unit:


  • 10,000 RPM-Each level represent 166 RPM
  • 12,000 RPM-Each level represent 200 RPM
  • 15,000 RPM-Each level represent 250 RPM
Display internal<0.5 second
The RPM Red, YellowSetting range: 1,000~15,000 RPM
Shift lightSetting unit: 100 RPM
WarningLight on (F-OFF)     Flash (F-ON)
MAX RPM recordDisplay range: 0~10,000 / 0~12,000 / 0~15,000 RPM
The RPM inputSetting range 0.5, 1~24
The RPM input pulseSetting range:


  • HI (The positive wave pulse)
  • Lo (The negative wave pulse)
Temperature unitDisplay unit: ºC or ºF
ThermometerDisplay range: 0.0~250.0°C (32.0~482.0°F)
Display internal<0.5 second
Over temp warning (Water temperature)Setting range: 60~250°C (140~482°F)
Setting unit: 1°C (°F)
Top temperature recordDisplay range: 0~250°C (32~482°F)
Fuel meterDisplay range: 6 levels
Display unit: Each level represents 16.6%
Setting range: 100Ω, 250Ω, 510Ω, 1200Ω, SW
Clock24 H
Volt meterDisplay range: DC 8~18 V.
Flashing warning when voltage lower than 11.5 V or higher than 15.5 v.
Backlight brightnessSetting range: 1-5 (Darkest)~5-5 (Brightest)
Backlight colorSetting options:


  • Blue, Orange or Light purple
Effective voltageDC 12V
Effective temperature range-10~ 60°C (14~ 140°F)
Meter standardJIS D 0203 S2
Meter size (W x L x H)120 X 68.5 X 44.1 mm
Meter weight±127.3 g
Indicator light color
  • Neutral (Green)
  • High beam (Blue)
  • Repeater (Green)
  • EOBD (Amber)
  • Oil (Red)
  • Temperature alarm (Red)
  • RPM shift light (Red, Yellow)
Gear positionDisplay range :
N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

DB-03R Multifunction Plug & Play for Honda GROM®

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