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TNT-01 Multifunction Meter


Our TNT-01 Multifunction Meter is the perfect meter for all the Café racers and special projects. The TNT-01 Multifunction Meter use a stepper motor for a fast and smooth response. The instrument features many functions such as, speed, odometer, trip meter, RPM, fuel gauge, clock, voltage, shift light, indicator light and more… This meter is available in black or white face and includes the installation brackets and speed sensor.

SpeedometerDisplay range : 0~360 km/h (0~225MPH)
Display unit : km/h & MPH
Display internal:< 0.5 Second
OdometerDisplay range : 0~99999 km (mile)
Reset automatically after 0~99999 km (mile)
Display unit : 1 km (mile)
Trip meter A/BDisplay range : 0~999.9 km (mile)
Reset automatically after 0~999.9 km (mile)
Display unit : 0.1 km (mile)
Tire circumferenceSetting range : 300 2,500 mm
Setting unit : 1 mm
Sensor point : 6
TachometerDisplay range : 0~10,000 RPM
Shift lightSetting range: 8,000~10,000 RPM
Setting unit: 100 RPM
Warning(shift light)Light on (F-OFF)
Flash (F-ON)
The RPM input signal number settingSetting range 0.5, 1~24
The RPM input pulseSetting range:
HI (The positive wave pulse)
Lo (The negative wave pulse)
Fuel meterDisplay range: 6 levels
Display unit: Each level represent 16.6 %
Setting range: 100Ω, 250Ω, 510Ω, 1200Ω, SW
Clock24 H
Volt meterDisplay range: DC 8~18 V.
Flashing warning when voltage lower than 11.5 V or higher than 15.5 v
Backlight brightnessSetting range: 1-5 (Darkest)~5-5 (Brightest)
Setting unit: Each level represents 20 %
Effective voltageDC 12 V
Effective temperature range-10~ 60°C (14 ~ 140°F)
Meter standardJIS D 0203 S2
Meter size (W x L x H)85.5 x 79.5 X 41.1 mm
Meter weight

±127.3 g

Indicator light color
  • Repeater (Green)
  • Warning (Red)
  • Neutral (Green)
  • High beam (Blue)
Sensor typePassive speed sensor : BF019005

TNT-01 Multifunction Meter

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