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BLAZER Motorcycle Sneakers


Style meets performance in the Italian made FALCO BLAZER motorcycle sneakers. The BLAZER features a patented innovation to provide year-round riding comfort even on the warmest summer days.


The BLAZER combines FALCO’s patented Aircool sole ventilation system with extensive body venting throughout the shoe to give the rider a unique blend of airflow and protection. A waterproof membrane filters moisture out of the shoe through the Aircool sole inserts for the perfect balance of airflow, warmth, and dampness inside the shoe. P.U. moulded ankle inserts strengthens the protection.


If you are looking for motorcycle shoes with a casual look and a real protection on your motorcycle: this riding sport sneaker by FALCO is the best choice for you.



  • 42 (US 8), 43 (US 9), 44 (US 10), 45 (US 11), 46 (US 12), 47 (US 13)

Producer: FALCO
Colors: Camel-Brown
MSRP: $119.95 US

BLAZER Motorcycle Sneakers

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