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AVANTOUR Adventure Motorcycle Boots


The all-new AVANTUOUR Adventure Motorcycle Boots were designed for the growing dual-sport and adventure market. Therefore it features a water-resistant full-grain leather upper paired with a High-Tex water resistant and breathable liner for the ultimate riding experience.

Maximum comfort, movement and support are achieved with the Eso-Motion 2 articulating hinge system and D3O shock-absorbing ankle cups. Black anodized aluminum buckles are fully adjustable and replaceable.


The enduro style rubber sole is reinforced with Goodyear stitching for ultimate wear resistance. From fire roads to power lines, single-track to lunch at the burger shop, the all-new AVANTOUR provides the protection, performance and style you need and expect from a classic Italian-made adventure boot.




42(US 8), 43(US 9), 44(US 10), 45(US 11), 46 (US 12), 47 (US 13)

Producer: FALCO
Colors: Brown, Black
MSRP: $249.95 US

AVANTOUR Adventure Motorcycle Boots

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