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Air Density Meter

The Air Density Meter is a great tool for serious engine tuners. It could help you determine if the jetting or fuel mapping should be adjusted. Altitude, temperature and atmospheric pressure can affect quickly the performance of the engine. Our meter will instantly tell you if the condition has change so the proper changes can be made on the engine. This is a must for performance enthusiasts since it will help get the extra horsepower out of the engine or it could even save the engine from bad damages.

Digital air density in %    Display range: 50% ~ 150%
Will blink to warn at over-range
Display unit: 1%
Air density scale in %    Display range: 70% ~ 130%
Display unit: 1%
Barometric pressure    Display range:
hPa: 500 ~ 1150 hPa
mmHg: 375.0 ~ 862.5 mmHg
inHg: 14.76 ~ 33.95 inHg
Display range:

hPa: 1 hPa
mmHg: 0.5 mmHg
inHg: 0.1 inHg
Air temperature    Display range: -20.0 ~ 80.0ºC (-4.0 ~ 176.0ºF)
Will blink to warn at over-range
Display unit: 0.1ºC (ºF)
Battery remaining capacity    Display range: 4 – stage indication
Warning range: Will blink to warn the battery power is LOW
Battery cell    CR 2032
Effective temperature range    -10 ~ 60ºC (14 ~ 140ºF)
Meter specification    JIS D 0203 S2
Meter Size (W x L x H)    87.2 x 44.2 x 20.85mm
Meter weight    
Warning Light    Warning light will come ‘’ON’’ if the air density goes 5% higher or lower than the reference point.

Air Density Meter

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