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VT No: 24-1300 
Spring fork kit includes 1" stem, caliper kit, stainless steel disc, fender, 21" wheel, axle, riser studs and Vee Rubber 90/90 x 21" tire. 

Total length is 28". Order 7/8" stem kit to adapt kit to 1952-1977 XL. This assembly can also be used on 1948-1984 FL, 1971-1984 FX, 1986-1999 FLST, 1984-1999 FXST, 1986-1999 FLST, 1952-2003 XL, and all rigid frames. When putting it on a 1952-1977 XL order a 7/8" triple tree stem kit, separately. 
Custom application 
UOM: 1 - KIT 
Country of Origin: Imported


Size: STD 
Style: without Shocks 
2017 Catalog pages: 1219 


Use stem kit #24-0192 for use on 1952-1977 XL models. 
Drain assembly lube. We recommend 20 weight oil for average conditions. 
Suggested to use with #44-2016 Chrome Front Axle Kit. 

28" Spring Fork Kit

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