Updated: Jun 29, 2018

SIDECARS, SIDECARS, SIDECARS, we see them more and more everyday, and they are getting noticed. Once you see one you can't help yourself from gawking at the 3 wheel machines! There are a number of companies out there producing sidecars like: Velorex, DMC, Ural, Watsonian Squire, and Cozy sidecars, just to name a few. So which ones are the best to own?

The decision is based on many factors. Like: Do you already have a motorcycle? If so choices like Watsonian Squire, DMC, Cozy, or Velorex may be an option for you. Ural sells a complete motorcycle with a sidecar and that can be an option as well if you don't own a motorcycle and are looking for a complete set up.

We suggest you do your homework and research before you make any decisions. It is after all a hefty purchase no matter which way you decide to go.

Sidecars can make life enjoyable on so many levels, like bringing your spouse or partner for a ride, maybe your best friend Fido, or maybe you just want to have a cool little scoot to gather your groceries!? Either way having a sidecar opens the door to a myriad of possibilities.

So what does Von Baron Motorcycles choose? Well we decided to offer Watsonian Squire sidecars. Why? Because, Watsonian Squire today is the worlds oldest and largest sidecar company in the world. Established in 1912 they offer many models for all types of motorcycles and even scooters! Their sidecars can be fitted to most any make and model motorcycle with a proper fitting kit. They fit makes like BMW, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Norton, BSA, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki and many others!

Their collection in our humble opinion defines what we look for in a sidecar, classic looks and precision manufacturing. All of their sidecars are made to order and shipped and cleared customs by our friends at Watsonian Squire USA. (

Anyway no matter what you choose as your sidecar, they are allot of fun and add some stability to your motorcycle, which is perfect for many people when they are looking to own a sidecar. One thing we do suggest is to make sure you have someone install your sidecar who understands how they need to be fitted to your particular motorcycle, we feel this is our most important advice.

Maybe we will see you on one of our 3 wheel adventures! Cheers!

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